artist, material forager & designer
Harnessing my perpetual state of eco-anxiety and preoccupation with material waste, for the last four years my practice has been centred around experimenting with low-impact, non-extractive and ecologically sustainable approaches to art-making with a focus on sculptural practice.

Informed by the self-initiated method of working the Circular Practice, research, mapping, visual histories and speculative fiction, my work predominantly takes the form of assemblage, sculpture, print and design. My assemblage works are made from cobbled together waste materials foraged from the ruderal environments I inhabit on a daily basis. Foraging is an integral part of my practice, whether for materials, information or imagery, this process is always the starting point allowing for slow and serendipitous moments to decide the direction of the work.

Presenting themselves as anthropological interventions from a not-so-distant apocalyptic future, my assemblages are informed by the bright colours, and manufactured shapes of consumer products, harnessing the aesthetics of anthropogenic climate change. Inherently ephemeral, my methods of assemblage are entirely reversible, allowing the materials to be recycled and reassembled continuously, leaving no direct trace.


Living and working in Bristol, UK, graduating from Art & Visual Culture at the University of the West of England in 2019, I am currently a studio holder at Bricks Bristol’s St Anne’s House.